Friday, December 2, 2011

Introducing Maria

For busty girls lovers, I'm glad to introduce you my lovely Maria


In this last days of 2011 I'm trying to find a new starlet for the next year,
I want her really busty, brunette and with that kind of mediterranean look
I love in real life women. All face and body morphs made by me, I've used
a Freja base textures for her face and body, changing only nipples and genitals details.
Just an innocent face with a body to die for.

What do you think about her?

Any suggestion about her body...her face...her future outfit...her story?

What about a softcore Playboy photo session turning hardcore
with the photographer?
I'm pretty sure a lot of you dreamed about this situation ( I did ^_^).


Working on the Playboy scenario I've decided to change her face morphs to give her
a more "playboy bunny" look. Her body is quite the same, I hope the second image
can show you her real proportions.
Maria loves using some body oil on her tits before start working on a set, that's why they
look so juicy and...mmm...ready for action ^_^

I think this will probably be the final version, I can try to give her ass some wet look
as I did on her tits, but now I love the way she came out.


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