Friday, January 6, 2012

Forging a New Alliance

Troggar, the troglodite high general, is now visiting the
forest realm to forge a new alliance.
His clan is one of the powerful ones of all realms, so the elvish King
sent his most beautiful females to please him durin the night.

...and these two little elves surely knew what to do to
satisfy rude creatures like this massive troglodite warrior.

( Tihanna comic series...I hope you'll enjoy her first time with speech bubbles ^_^ )

First orgasm is I think he need some serious action ^_^ 



Now Troggar is ready to give Bryndel the same treatment.
Will she handle to whole thing as her older friend ? 

 It's time for the final cumshot, no cum swallowing allowed now...
Troggar want to see both his little sexual slaves drenched in sperm.


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