Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tihanna 2012

The Queen is back...

 ...with the new year I started working on Tihanna new look.
Nothing special, just a PoserPro2012 version of her, with
shorter hair, bigger shiny boobs (just a bit) and some different
material options. I hope you love her ^_^ she alway loves giving pleasure to her tauren warriors before every battle.

Probably a bit acrobatic position ^_^
But I'm really proud of this last image, just a different
solution for a double penetration.
Tihanna looks particularly hot between a couple
of rude tauren warriors.

Someone ask me for more mouth to mouth spitting...and a balls deep
anal penetration. So...I hope you like this last image ;)

...and I think he definitely can't go deeper than this inside her.

And finally the princess got her " happy ending ".
I'm pretty sure all POV lovers will love this big
cumshot all over Tihanna's face and tits.

YEAR everybody!!!


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