Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Morrigan and Lilith...coming soon!!!

Here is my personal version of Morrigan from Darkstalkers saga ...

I started working on her this week, now I need to decide her sexual partners.
Suggestions are always welcome ^_^

Here is her little girlfriend Lilith.

Morrigan updated to her final version, wit a bit more voluptuous
body and new hair style. I hope you like the way I modified her
bodysuit too, just a " titsfuckme " version of the old one ^_^

Just testing a male partner, first try with this human...
...and his insanely huge cock.

And here is the second way.
First time working with this werewolf figure and
I need to admit it's really well done!
I hope you like the way Lilith is teasing his
monster cock...and I'm pretty sure everyone
here wanna see that big thing going deep
inside her ^_^

Someone ask me to show Morrigan in a casual sexy outfit...

...and I think she's really hot in her human form as well ^_^

Just testing some poses for the Darkstalkers XXX series.
Imagine her naked, anal penetration...and Lilith sucking his balls.


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