Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sexy Battle Story

(Special thanks to "Dan Long")

The sun was beating down on Agent Amanda's tanned body. She lay naked on the large rock slab just outside her island hut. She'd been stationed for there nearly 2 days now and she was bord stiff, she'd been trusted with the newest technology against the ever looming threat of the men but there had been none to see so far... pity she was feeling particularly frisky.

She reached for her black thong which was hanging on the nearest branch to her, when in the distance she heard a speed boat... with ease she glided off the rock and scampered to her camps clearing, under the cover of bushes she saw a speed boat pull up on shore.

Her body tingled with delight 3 toned hunky men were on board, and they seemed to be in some sort of  uniform 'this just keeps getting better' Amanda thought. As they hopped out of their boat and pulled it further on to the shore she notice they wore some sort of standard issued army boots, a thick black belt with front to back shoulder straps and black peaked caps, there was something else 2 of the soldier weren't wearing speedos, 'letting it all hang out boys?!' she giggled to herself. The one wearing speedos seemed to be in charge he just watched as the other two struggled and strained to pull the boat ashore and hide it. Amanda took particular notice of the men's natural muscular tones especially the beads of sweat glistening on their tight buns she felt that tingle of excitement again.

After a while of studying the 3 intruders Amanda thought it best to prepare for what was to come.

She got back to her hut to prepare for battle, The two soldier boys had inspired her to leave her thong off... just this time but everything else on. She slipped on her stiletto leather knee boots, to show the boys who's boss... and clipped her utility belt tight around her slender waist, it came in useful in the past. She studied herself in the full length mirror boots, belt and... something was missing... her silk desert scarf!! She wrapped it quickly around her neck perfect she thought. To finish her outfit she put on two wristbands and slid two rubber rings under each. She was ready.

She knew they weren't far, so she lay back down on the rock outside her hut.

The two naked hunks arrived first, when they saw Amanda they stared dumbfounded, she pretended to be startled, 'What are you men doing here?' she demanded to know. They just stood staring at her goddess like body from her shapely legs to her long flowing blond hair, they took a long look at her tight pussy and solid breasts.

Amanda slid off the rock stood tall, she put her hands on her hips and asked 'what is it you want here?' Amanda could tell these boys would be easilydealt with. While they studied her she took them in too, both their cocks had stiffened to attention at first seeing her but when she stood up their throbbing tools went up even further.

The commander arrived.

Staring at Amanda his speedo bulge increased too, but he had orders 'Don't just stand there you fools,  seize her!!' The two men snapped to it, but Amanda was feeling playful... so she stepped up to both of them and put both her hands on each guys cock, she stroked them whispering 'you boys like me... yeah?' well lets have a little wrestling match...? if you big strong boys win then I guess I'm fucked, but if I win both you boys will be fucked... deal?

Before they could answer the commander barked his orders again, Amanda allowed herself to be captured both soldiers stood either side of her holding her arms, she knew she'd gotten to the men. She felt the tips of their rockhard shafts against her ass cheeks one either side and they were freely flowing pre-cum.

The commander warned his men to weary of Amanda, he set off to search the camp.

When Amanda was sure he had gone she shrugged of both of her captors and walked away from them... she turned around again putting her hands on her hips, 'I like your uniforms boys, I guess you haven't earned your speedos yet' she said. 'Your boots and gear kinda get me hot' she put one of her feet on a bolder beside her showing the soldiers what their throbbing cocks craved the most. She licked her finger and touched her hot pussy 'sssss... oh yeah boys I'm hot for you so come and get me... if you can'.

The first soldier lunged at Amanda she met him half way and pushed him back he staggered back against a rock his cock thrust out, Amanda smiled at that, The second soldier had more success he grabbed her waist holding her tight. He pressed his hard tool tight against her mound she reached down grabbed it and squeezing hard his scream was of pleasure and pain, 'suffer big boy' she said, while blowing him a kiss. He dropped to his knees she took the advantage and grabbed his head shoving him into her hot pubic region. 'Oh yeah' she screamed the first soldier came to and staggered towards her, but she was ready for him with the back of her free hand she walloped him hard across the face, he spun right round and fell to his knees with her stiletto boot she gently pushed him over on to the ground, he attempted to push himself up Amanda admired his ass while he got up... she couldn't resist putting her stiletto heel against it and softly pushing him over again.

Amanda looked at the scene she had crated two muscle bound studs in nothing more than boots and straps with raging hard ons subdued by a sexy girl in her own boots and belt to match, it felt so very kinky... she liked it... so much she felt the soldier between her thighs begin to make her cum. he wriggled and squirmed to break free but this turned her on even more. 'Do your job soldier boy, come on harder you worthless worm', Amanda felt her orgasm build up she caressed her tits pounded her pussy harder against her reluctant partner. Oh yeah oh yeah.... she found herself yelling 'harder... fuck yeah come on big boy harder!!!' she yelled. The second man gathered himself together and again came at Amanda, she unwrapped the scarf from around her neck and wrapped it around his, she pulled him into her breasts. With the soldier between her legs and the one wrestling her boobs that was it... she felt release. Right into the man between her legs face Amanda screamed orgasm achieved!!!

She let both men go, she felt she had peaked but not fully cum, when they did she would. The two men lay dazed on the ground legs apart and their pride still bulging. Amanda got her breath back and walked over to them, she knelt down between them both placing her hand on each of their inner thighs and venturing up, they groaned with pleasure, she reached their tight balls she gripped them gently, sliding her fingers up their erect shafts... she said 'You boys are ready'.

Amanda took the two rubber rings from under her wrist bands and slid them over the helmets of the men cocks, 'both you boys are my guinea pigs' and with that she took a dial out of her belt. 'Just relax and enjoy' she said with a smile. Slowly she turned the dial up and the rings around the mens cocks began to vibrate they moaned and groaned again... 'oh... you boys like that huh?!... well lets turn things up a little, shall we?' and with that Amanda turn the dial up another few notches, both men began to orgasm. On their knees now they began to convuls and thrust their hips like they were fucking thin air, Amanda looked on, time to get involved she thought, 'Boys i've been on this island 2 long days wiating for you so i could test out that weopon, good to see it works just fine'

Amanda stood between both soldier boys with her pussy moist and her boobs firm while they slowly arched backwards with only their cocks standing to attention, The men were feverishly thrusting their hips and touching themselves, 'That's right boys this is the final act for you both, so make it a good one'.

Watching the men in their situation Amanda felt very horny and decided to reward the mens desire for her.... slowly she lowered her pussy over one soldiers raging erection letting her lips curess his tip, carfully she leaned over clamping her boobs around the other ones cock, her pussy teasingly curessed the man behind her vibrating cock, she wouldn't allow penitration but vibrating from him was very satisfing to her and the one between her boobs was just as fun, for for all involved it was just enough.... Amanda felt her orgam build up from where it had left off. With the mens curious hands curessing her body she reached fever pitch, Amanda thrust down the men thrust up screaming with pleasure this was it... jets of jizz shot in all directions from the mens raging horns, Amanda felt them like fireworks going off as she too gushed...

Both men collapsed defeated legs apart, cocks still throbbing Amanda still standing over them, cleaning herself off...

'Good boys' she said, she rolled one over with her boot and admired his ass one more time, she blew him a kiss and said see you for a rematch in my dreams boys.

With that Amanda walked off to deal with the commander.


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