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From: pink sissy

Part 1

Tawaki was leaning on her boyfriend, Seth, when she spotted the sissy man emerging out of the lingerie store. She always had her doubts about him. He was as pretty as a girl, beautiful, big and doe eyed. Yes, eyes say a lot, and his eyes were always pleading, always afraid always begging. Tawaki had noticed the outlines of the camisole he wore inside his shirt the very first day he came to her neighbourhood. It has to be a camisole she had thought, unmistakably.

He had moved into the neighbourhood a few weeks ago with his lady. Her name was Sulbha, she was not seen outside yet, but the word was around that she was the most beautiful woman people have seen, she was heard to be a little chubby, not fat, heavy breasts which looked like full of milk, flawless skin and a deep navel in a meaty belly, and her soft flesh jiggled as she walked, very similar to the her sissy lover, Mrinal. Sulbha loved the way Mrinal was sensitive and soft. She knew that he was incapable of violence, and too soft to defend himself. He should have been a woman. He needed care and protection, his eyes were so innocent and imploring! She felt responsible for him, she coddled him like a baby. Since she was a doctor she knew how to induce lactation to feed Mrinal, physically and emotionally. She also gave him some drugs to induce juicy secretions in Cowper’s gland even when he was not sexually excited. With her careful selection of diet and drugs, he was leaking secretions most of the time, his fluid smelt pleasantly intoxicating, of musk and peaches, but this also made him very conscious of his wet panties and slight sweet pain in his panties. He was always aware of his vulnerability. There was something in him which elicited the same reaction from aggressive people as a dog who has caught a smell of a poor deer. He was not able to take even verbal aggression. Once he had accidentally bumped into some stranger at mac Donald’s, spilling some milkshake on him, he had shrunk with apology and the other man started barking at him. Mrinal’s heart had started beating like a machine, he was whimpering and shrinking as the man towered over him, shouting curses. He almost pissed himself when that guy has grabbed his collar. The guard has rushed to break the impending beat-down and saved Mrinal. He noticed that many girls at that place were looking at him intently, some even with a wild desire in their eyes and a cruel smile on their lips.

Tawaki was only fourteen, street-smart teenage girl with a strong liking towards violence. She was also member of a teenage gang who was known to be vicious. She was dressed in her black vests and blue denims a metal belt at her waist. Her arms glistening with sweat and her mean strong muscles like little serpents on her thin arms a cruel smile on her lips and a murderous look in her unforgiving eyes she looked every inch a killer. Seth, 16 was not too bigger than Tawaki  and possessed the same unforgiving eyes which had a murderous look in them most of the time, but then most of the time he was sizing up his potential targets and restraining his physical being from doing what his mind was doing to his victims.
“See that sissy, I bet he wears panties” Tawaki said pointing towards Mrinal.
“Uh huh”, Seth feigned disinterest.
“Looks so soft and vulnerable”
Seth kept silent.
Tawaki stood up in front of him “so, you don’t want to check out? His woman, is one sweet meat I hear” she said making him face her, smiling.
He looked into Tawaki’s questioning eyes for a few seconds.
“Let’s check him out” Seth smiled.
Mrinal had noticed Tawaki and Seth walking in his direction, he hesitated for a moment and thought of walking the other way, before he could make up his mind the vicious teens walked past him, “accidentally” bumping in to him and feigning an apology as his shopping bag full of sweet panties fell on the ground. Tawaki bent down to “help” him and grabbed a few panties, “Look dear how pretty these are” she said to Seth displaying one white panties with pink lace and cute deer prints”. “Are those for you?” Seth asked, turning to Mrinal. “Of course they are” she filled in with a wicked smile leaving Mrinal flustered. “Seth took the panties from Tawaki’s hand and inspected them, feeling the luxurious fabric, “hmm.. Nice.. I got one for my girl too, but it was black and had wild dogs printed on it” He said to Mrinal handing his panties back to Tawaki. “Because you are so manly my love, that’s why, look at him, he is like a poor soft deer himself”. Shyly, looking downwards, Mrinal extended his hand to take his panties back. Seth placed the panties back in his palms and grabbed Mrinal’s hands. They felt like a woman’s hands. Mrinal tried to twist his hands free but Seth’s grip was too strong for him, even when Seth was not putting any effort in it. After few long minutes he let Mrinal go.  Mrinal stuffed the panties in his bag and hurried away. Tawaki was coolly relishing his afraid and flustered looks with a wicked smile. “Such a sissy, it will be fun” she said to herself as her anticipation grew. Tawaki stood in front of Seth, put her mean arms delicately around his neck and looked him in his eyes, “I need to know if you are the same strong person whom I fell in love with” She took his hands in her hands “ you almost crushed his wrists honey, I only wonder what your fists will do to his soft belly”, she giggled.. “I have seen your strong arms, I want to see a strong heart with no weak feelings, I want to see it, will you show me that??” Seth drew upon his cigarette and smirked “tonight”, he replied. Tawaki gently tugged his black metal eat studs and kissed him deeply, groping his bulge.

It was late evening, Sulbha and Mrinal were snuggled up together in their oversize and extra soft bed in a dimly lit room with white and pink curtains. They have spent the evening playing cute bed time games. Sulbha loved to look into Mrinal’s eyes as he suckled on her breasts, her hands slid down Mrinal’s panties gently probing his swollen, large but not so hard penis, she stroked him gently, lovingly milking his organ till his white panties were soaked in his juices. Mrinal suckled on Sulbha’s breasts for quite a while, they hugged each other in a long embrace and then Sulbha let Mrinal enter her, moans of pleasure flew around as Sulbha’s tender inner vaginal walls rubbed against Mrinal’s soft organ, Mrinal’s moans were also to be heard, not as feminine as Sulbha’s moans. Having had sex, they lay down on their bed, Mrinal’s hear resting on Sulbha’s creamy smooth belly and Sulbha’s face against Mrinal’s genital area.
“Who could be here at hour”, Sulbha wondered as the door bell rang.
“I will get the door” Mrinal said, getting out of the bed. He put on another pair of his panties and a satin robe and went out to answer the door.
Sulbha looked at him go out, she then picked another of his panties from the bed. It was wet with his juices, “my baby” she said to herself, smiled and pressed her face in those panties, feeling the sweet aroma and wetness. “Oh my god”, She let out a gasp when she heard a crash in the living room.

Part 2

Mrinal looked in to the CCTV screen but it was not working. This made him uneasy. He peeped out of the peep-hole in the door but could only see a bunch of flowers. Reassured, he opened the door and was terror stricken on seeing Seth and his guy friend Rourke. They both looked menacing. The girls, Ceara and Tawaki were smirking behind them, holding the flowers. He immediately tried to shut the door back but a hard kick from Seth flung the door open, throwing Mrinal back inside.

Sulbha rushed in, tying laces of her skimpy gown, she saw Mrinal was too terror stricken to get up, his eyes wide in horror, she hurriedly sat beside him, hugging him to give some reassurance. They both looked in horror as the gang of four stepped inside and closed the door behind them.
“Don’t bother about calling the police, the alarms have been dealt with” Ceara said, unzipping her leather jacket. “Flowers for you, Sulbha, you will need it for the funeral” Tawaki said, placing the flowers on the table. Sulbha hugged whimpering Mrinal even tighter, as if trying to hide him in her breasts. The gang surrounded the sexy couple like a wolf pack encircling a deer, they grabbed them and started pulling them apart. They snatched protesting and whimpering Mrinal from Sulbha’s comforting breasts. Ceara pulled out a small knife and with one hand against Sulbha’s throat, with knife other hand, she punched Sulbha hard in her soft sexy belly. Her bony fists drove against the sheer fabric of Sulbha’s gown and belly flesh alike and a painful scream filled the room. Sulbha fell on the floor, clutching her belly. Her breasts heaving. Ceara’s lips were pressed together without a hint of smile and her eyes exuded anger. The girls pulled her up and placed a small knife at her throat, “all you have to do to stay alive is to watch”
They all turned their attention to Mrinal now who was standing horrified in middle of that large room. His skimpy night gown was torn in the process and he stood there in his bra and panties, trying to cover his modesty in his arms, his whole body shaking. There were these four street boys and girls, barely adults completely in control of two sexy people in their thirties. Mrinal was shaken, Rourke shaved head shone and he looked at Mrinal as if a menacing dog looking at a vulnerable, weak and helpless deer. First they all raped Mrinal and Sulbha with their stare, Mrinal’s hairless creamy white thighs were quivering along with his panties which were still slightly wet with his juices. Seeing such a helpless ideal victim a bloody rage took over Seth and Rourke and they lunged on him like wolves. Mrinal’s pleas and whimpers could not have fallen on deafer ears. Seth grabbed Mrinal’s right arm which was trying to wrap his body, and opened up a direction of attack on Mrinal’s body and within seconds with his other arm drove an unforgiving cruel punch to Mrinal’s belly. Seth’s fists driven with strong muscles which flexed like small serpents, sunk into Mrinal’s soft belly. Seth was surprised, Mrinal’s belly seemed to offer no resistance, and his fists were welcome by the soft flesh of Mrinal’s weak but flat belly. He has never beat up any one like Mrinal before. Mrinal’s softness enhanced his vulnerability and made Seth mad with wild rage and desire. He pulled his fists out of Mrinal’s belly and drove another cruel fist in his jiggling belly, Mrinal tried to double up but Rourke twisted his arms and forced him to stand up again. Seth stuck out his strong bony finger and thrust it inside Mrinal’s deep sexy navel. He was stabbing Mrinal’s navel with his bare finger, twisting his soft belly and fucking his navel, He made Mrinal shriek in agony and squirm in pain as his unforgiving finger probed deeper and deeper inside Mrinal’s Navel. Seth was grunting and thrusting his finger in his navel with devil like persistence, as if going to pierce Mrinal’s belly with his finger.  Sulbha  could not take it any longer, she cried and begged to let Mrinal go but punched her in her gut, held Sulbha’s sweet face in her palms and while gritting her teeth, told her to shut up  if she wants Mrinal to live. Sulbha’s heart was melting with pity on seeing her soft Mrinal being brutally beat up. Her breasts were heaving and milk began to drip from her bra. She so much wanted to hug Mrinal and hide him in her comforting breasts and feed him her warm sweet milk. But that was not going to happen. Mrinal was like a poor deer being slowly killed by cruel young wolf pups. Tawaki yelled at Seth to save some of Mrinal’s belly for later. Seth knelt down in front of Mrinal, devoured the sight of his jiggling thighs, belly and innocent white panties. Clenched his fists, drew his arm back and sent a powerful punch at Mrinal’s soft thighs. His fist connected with a loud smack and Mrinal let out another pitiful cry. “Yes, More” yelled Tawaki. Seth parted Mrinal’s legs and started punching his tender inner thighs. Punch after punch rained at Mrinal’s thighs, hurting his flesh and bone and with one angry punch full of rage, Mrinal’s thigh bone broke. Mrinal let out another pitiful cry, tears streaming down his face. “Stop you monsters, please stop, my baby has suffered enough” cried Sulbha but was  quickly silenced with another sharp punch from Ceara, this time in her breast. Ceara’s fists connected with soft boobs of Sulbha and were slightly soiled with her milk. “Fucking cow” she muttered. “You want to breast feed your thirty year old baby in pain, hmmm??” Tawaki mocked?? She went inside and came out with a bowl, Ceara forced Sulbha to sit down and lean over the bowl. “Guys, she need more inspiration to get her nectar flowing” she yelled.

“My turn” Rourke muttered. Seth and Rourke switched places. Rourke also knelt down and grabbed Mrinal’s fleshy thighs and grabbed them so hard that his fingers almost dug inside Mrinal’s soft thighs. He sniffed the sweet smell of Mrinal’s panties like a dog. Ceara has already started milking Sulbha and Tawaki was soaking wet in her panties at this heartless display of cruelty. Rourke started to pummel his other thigh, from front and his inner thighs, sending jiggles in Mrinal’s thighs. He sometimes hit the already broken thighs to increase his suffering. The room was reverberating with heart-renting cries of Mrinal and Sulbha’s pleas to stop this beating. The girls have tied up Sulbha and her milk was flowing to the bowl placed under her breasts. Seth and Rourke were seething with rage. Seth kept twisting Mrinal’s arms and licking kissing and biting his cheeks from behind and Rourke kept pummeling his thighs.. With one hard punch his other thigh broke.. Ceara and Tawaki were masturbating themselves and each other, devouring each drop or this merciless act. “Go for his belly, he is really soft there” Seth instructed Rourke. Rourke looked at Mrinal’s sexy, flat but immensely soft belly. The lace of the white panties adored Mrinal’s waist. Rourke was mesmerized with this sight. A weak, vulnerable, soft, sexy and feminine belly of a sissy male!!!! Mrinal was crying like a deer in mortal agony. His belly quivering and jiggling!! A few drops of blood have trickled down from Mrinal’s navel when Seth had fucked it with his fingers. Such a sweet belly, completely at his disposal.. Ceara and Tawaki were busy fingering themselves.. mocking Sulbha’s pleas for mercy and Mrinal’s pitiful cries.. They knew no mercy and were enjoying this blatant display of cruelty.
Looking at such a sweet target aroused the animal in Rourke. He grabbed Mrinal’s waist and dug his face in Mrinal’s belly. Rourke bent forward and kissed Mrinal’s belly as if smooching it. His heartbeat increased, he got up, started to grunt and started pummeling Mrinal’s belly. Rourke was mad with desire and anger, he could not understand from where such a killing instinct got him. It was Mrinal. His innocence, his softness, his vulnerability, his weakness, his sweetness, the aroma emanating from his panties which were slightly wet with arousing sweet juices perpetually dripping from his penis, his innocent white panties enhancing his beauty, softness and weakness, he was a perfect prey, and his smell brought out the animal in most of the people Mrinal came across. Rourke was mad with overwhelming rage. His fists pounded Mrinal’s belly everywhere, solar plexus, sides, kidneys, navel and that expanse of soft lower belly stretching from his navel to his panty-line and further down, covered with sexy lace of panties. His poor panties were enhancing Rourke’s rage and offering no protection to his soft belly against Rourke’s punches. Rourke was turned to an animal, he didn’t even stop to relish his handiwork.. Mrinal was crying and gagging for air.. Rourke was pummeling that soft belly like a machine, grunting with effort, with no remorse. Punch after punch with animalistic grunts.. The girls were enjoying every drop of this spectacle… masturbating harder and harder, letting out moans of pleasure.. .. Then Rourke let out one cry of rage and hit Mrinal’s soft lower belly just below his panty line with such an effort that Mrinal’s bladder burst and his soft, innocent white panties started to turn wet. Mrinal’s panties were leaking as is a faucet has been opened inside them... Rourke let his fist rest at that spot for a while and then with same rage punched him at the same sweet spot again.. A spray of Mrinal’s juices and urine came out of his panties, drenching them completely and wetting his thighs.. The girls climaxed at this heartless cruelty. Rourke knelt down, grabbed Mrinal’s waist and buried his face in the same sweet belly which he has pummeled to pulp a minute ago.. He started licking, kissing, and groping and biting Mrinal’s belly desperately. He rubbed his shaved head and face on Mrinal’s broken belly and wet panties..  Rourke’s stubble on face and head scraped Mrinal’s skin like a sand paper. But that pain was nothing in comparison to what those maniac’s punches had inflicted minutes ago. Rourke’s face and head glistened with contents of Mrinal’s panties, he grabbed Mrinal’s penis through his panties in his mouth and started squeezing and drinking Mrinal’s leaking nectar mixed with fragrant, pungent urine.. The girls climaxed over and over again.. Sulbha had closed her eyes and was sobbing uncontrollably. The soft feelings in her hear making her breast to go in auto drip mode.. “Enough of love Rourke” Seth said. Rourke got up, bit ashamed at his display of sexuality, and with one final punch at Mrinal’s panties he went to Ceara and kissed her while she climaxed gain. Seth came around, held the crotch of Mrinal’s panties in his hands and groped them as if weighing them.. Then with a sudden force squeezed the crotch of Mrinal’s panties along with its sensitive contents. Looked like five small serpents cruelly crushing a white, soft, furry, innocent, weak and vulnerable animal to death.. Seth released his grip and slid his hands inside Mrinal’s panties.. The gang was looking with bated breath.. They saw his hands move inside Mrinal’s panties, Sulbha kept saying in cries “no, no, no, no, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” and Mrinal’s panties turned crimson red. Seth pulled out his hands, clenched his fists and started pummeling Mrinal’s panties, Sprays of blood from Mrinal’s panties fell on Seth’s arms, face and shoulders, Rourke could not hold himself back and with a cry of rage joined Seth. Mrinal was not even responding now.. Both Seth and Rourke were coloured with blood from Mrinal’s panties as if wild dogs covered with blood of the Impala’s penis and belly, the poor impala whom they have started to munch upon before killing him.

They finally stepped back, leaving Mrinal still, unmoving. The girls have climaxed for the nth time. They went to their boys with adoration for their masculinity clear in their eyes. Poor Mrinal lay there in his bloody, ravaged panties; the girls stepped right over him, without a second thought to the fallen soft man, no consideration for the weak.. The boys were pumped up with adrenaline.. The girls rubbed their faces against boys' and some colour from the blood on the boy’s faces came on the girls too.. They giggled and laughed with satisfaction.. The bodies of Seth and Rourke were glistening from the blood from Mrinal’s panties, the girls looked at them with respect and admiration and rubbed the blood on chest and arms of their boy friends... Sulbha was crying with grief and pity, still tied up.. Looking with disbelief, hours ago she was breast feeding Mrinal, and now he lay on the floor, abused,, brutalized, ravaged ! The girls looked down upon Sulbha with disdain, then they moved to Mrinal, squeezed blood from is panties and coloured Seth and Rourke then the boys reciprocated the ritual. Tawaki brought the bowl full of Sulbha’s milk and offered it to the victorious, “you must be tired my lord!” she said. The boys lapped up sweet breast milk, extracted from Sulbha, the breast milk which was solely enjoyed by the man who now lay nearly killed. All four of them then raped Sulbha, enjoying the spoils of the victory..

“You wanted to see the strong man, Tawaki”, Seth said, Tawaki nodded in excitement. Seth untie Sulbha and she rushed to comfort Mrinal, may be he could still be saved. He was still breathing, Sulbha stuffed her nipple in Mrinal’s barely conscious mouth, and he started to suck on the familiar sweet life giving taste.. Sulbha was crying, sobbing and caressing Mrinal’s injured penis, belly and thighs. Seth pulled out his long knife, and stood towering over the couple, Sulbha looked up in horror. Rourke was grinning, waiting, the girls looking in anticipation, respect and admiration.. Seth pulled Mrinal away from Sulbha’s lap, her protests and pitiful pleas were no effect on him, and he then thrust his knife in Mrinal’s lower belly through his panties.. There was a silence for a minute.. Then a heart renting cry from Sulbha and claps from Rourke, Ceara and Tawaki.. They left Mrinal convulsing and Sulbha desperately trying to revive him.. “Nice boobs and tasty milk honey, next time get a real man like my boyfriend here” Tawaki mocked..Leaving the house,  without bothering one glance of compassion for Mrinal.

the end


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