Saturday, July 21, 2012

Introducing Velvet

I'm glad to introduce you my new action girl.

Here is VELVET, I'll probably add some minor details to her
outfit, but I want her wearing leather pants and boots...
...a small bikini top...and two big guns!!!

I don't know anything about her story/background at the moment,
but I only start working on her this week, so...
...feel free to suggest me anything you want ^_^

Two Desert Eagle guns for my new super heroine...
...maybe charged with silver bullets?
Dunno yet, but the demons hunter idea is not bad.

I know...I know...I need to change the glasses material, but
I'm pretty satisfied by her outfit.
About her personality, I think you need to see her in action
before saying she's a shy girl ^_^

Maybe some different poses and expressions could help you
to understand something more about Velvet.


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