Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just some story request.

A lot of you guys are asking for articles Well, here's the sad part,  I suck at making stories. 

So, this is just a humble request. If you have the talent of making those stories about sexy female in skimpy bathing suits or underwear fighting hunky, good-looking muscle men or other hot babes in the same attires please send me those hot battle stories so I can post it here in this blog...

Please... I will place the author's name (as requested) and I might even make some nifty CG art for the story.  

Well, I can't steal stories from those m vs. f sites right? That's unethical. So I will really appreciate any contributions. The rule is simple; sexy, hot and in skimpy underwear. A battle to the death is accepted but please NO GORE.

Send your stories to me at 

Thanks again and keep on lovin'. 
Tasha M.


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