Friday, September 14, 2012

Ready for the Monsters Gang ?

Testing a new outfit for the next Tihanna scene, feel
free to suggest something about it, a new scenario...
...and whatever you want.
Which is your favourite monster?
Do you want to see her dominant or submissive?

Comments and suggestions are always welcome ^_^

Thinkin' about monsters, I realized I've never used this troll figure...
...I'm pretty sure Tihanna will enjoy every inch of his insanely huge cock.

And what about an horde of little goblins? ...if I can say "little" ^_^

Ok...I finally decided to go for a goblins gangbang.
I've tried some different poses and I love the way this
little horde could fuck Tihanna in every possible way.
Their small bodies allow me to try new poses never done
before with my other "big" monsters, so...I'm really
curious on how far I can play with those little bastards ^_^


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