Friday, September 7, 2012

Tanya the Boxer

by Dan Long

Tanya entered the boxing arena, only for two figures in the ring it was empty... as agreed.

This was a match to decide who gets a group of strategic islands of the coastland where the men rules one side the girls the other. After years of fighting and the boys getting their ass kicked there was an agreement drawn up, it would come down to two warriors in combat. The match would take place on the mens turf with a solid agreement that the referee would be nuetral.

Tanya was chosen to fight whatever the men could offer, she sought out the best gear for this match everlast knuckle protector gloves leaving he fingers free and silk full length robe... she stepped into the ring staring at her apponent she untied her blonde hair letting it fall like a golden waterfall over her shoulders and dropped her robe revealing the rest of her gear speed laced leather boots and a tight black tied thong that fitted her perfectly, her breasts stood firm with nipples erect pointing at her enemy.

He stood transfixed by her, he was a huge muscle bound mountain, wearing similar boots and with only a sports jock strap, that grew in size, for protection he also had the same everlast gloves as her. he shifted the front of his package protection, too make a little more room inside Tanya supposed...

Tanya glanced at the ref it was a very sexy slender black haired girl, even though the ref was meant to be neuetral she didn't believe it for a second that the men would keep that agreement. The ref walked out from behind her table in the corner of the ring then Tanya knew she'd been right. 'Hi, I'm Raven' she said... she was completely naked except for her sharp stiletto ankle boots and a strap on cock! 'I knew it' Tanya said. 'What do you mean?' asked Raven looking at her novelty hard on, 'oh this?' she said gently caressing it, 'it's is merely to show my nuetrality, like you I already have a pussy and the cock... evens it out...' she smiled coyly. 'Bullshit' Tanya said annoyed. 'Believe what you want' Raven said as she turned to the muscle bound boxer patting his crotch she siad 'make this quick big boy and we'll have our victory fuck here in this ring'.

'Get ready to be dissappointed bitch' Tanya thought to herself.

Raven leaned over the table showing her curvy ass to the two combatants she played with the hammer suggestively and said 'The rules are simple there are no rules' and chimmed the bell 'First... and only round begins' Tanya eyed the stud in his movements they circled each other, he stared at her perfect boobs gently bouncing as she moved. He went at her with fierce force throwing punches everywhere Tanya moved quick and jabbed him three times to his six pack 'uuuhhh' he grunted. Again Tanya moved in he defended by putting his gloves up, but instead of jabs Tanya pushed him against the ropes and pummeled his torse some more. 'Why is he slowing up?!' she wandered. She looked down and got her answer his humble jock strap had stretched in size, he was being extremely turned on!!! 'Like that huh?!' Tanya asked well here's a left hook! she slammed his jaw with a right hook he crumbled to his knees his cock ready to explode out of its holding.

Ok thought Tanya lets have some fun. She stepped back allowing her rival get his breath back. She walked to the other side of the ring stretching back on the ropes she said 'Come and get me big boy' he ran at Tanya, as he did she slid between his legs running her fingers over his hungry prick and soft balls, which stopped him in his tracks. Tanya grabbed him by the back of his jock strap and wedgied him. His throbbing cock burst through his strap she pulled the elastic as far back as she could and let go. He howled in pain as it smack on to his naked ass.

Roughly he ripped off his jock strap and stood tall just in his gloves and boots his cock had grown quite a bit stiffer but he was angry. 'Good' thought Tanya, I'll end this soon. She looked at his swollen member once again. She felt more than a little turned on herself. She looked at Raven 'She your girlfriend?' Tanya asked. 'What of it?' answered Raven for him. 'Well I bet your pussy ain't quite and tight or juicy as mine is right now' and with that Tanya slowly untied her thong. It gently dropped to the floor. Gloves on her hips she looked at Raven he's only in his boots and gloves... I'm only in my boots and gloves... he's obviously horny she said walking over to him and gently twanging his cock, I'm extremely horny, why don't you join in the action too?

Raven looked warily at Tanya. Tanya leaned back on the ropes her ass sat on the two middle one the top on supported her back. She spread her legs and said 'I need a service' The hunky boxer stepped up towards Tanya, she put her foot up against his six pack stomach and pushed him backwards 'Not you big boy, Raven. But drop the strap on I want those lips on these lips' she said pointing at her pussy. Raven slipped off her fake dick. 'Ah... the curtains match the carpet I see' said Tanya glancing at her pubic region, 'So do yours' Raven retorted.

Raven grabbed her boxer boyfriends cock leading him towards Tanya. 'Follow my lead' she said and with that Raven leaned over towards Tanyas blonde pussy and gently opened her lips with two fingers and slowly kissed her moist passage... Tanya groaned with great pleasure... The boxer got on his knees behind Raven placed both gloved hands on her ass and slowly entered her tight pussy... Raven took a hard breath in and quietly said 'fuck yeah' the boxer began to speed his thrusts up. 'Yeah harder...' she demanded. 'Look at us all getting along' Tanya giggled.

Ravens expertise in oral pleasuring had really taken Tanya by surprise. 'What if I had won the fight and defeated you both?' Tanya asked 'There's 5 armed gaurds outside the door ready to capture you' Raven replied while massaging Tanyas love tunnel with her fingers. Tanya lowered Ravens head back into her crotch. 'Mmmm that's good' Tanya said, I hate to think they're out there missing this call them in... let them watch. Raven lifted her head 'Gaurds... Gaurds..' she called.

5 men burst into the room in red speedos armed with machine guns. They took in the sight that met them, their champ boxer fucking their commander while she was giving their enemy oral pleasure. Raven turned to them 'Your orders have changed drop your weapons... and speedos, look but no touch... except for yourselves! she barked. The 5 men did as they were told they climbed up on the ring staying on the outside ropes looking intently at the mini orgie in front of them.

Tanya looked at the 5 men deep in the throws of pleasuring themselves she felt so dirty and liked it... so much so that she felt she was gonna cum at any minute, that couldn't happen. She curessed Ravens hair as she busily worked on her pussy. 'Sorry about this Raven but I've a match to win' with that she shoved Ravens head deeper into her love mound. Every muscel in Ravens body tightend including in her pussy crushing her boxer boyfriends tool, he yelled in agony!!!

Tanya pulled Ravens head out of her now wet mound holding her black hair in one fist Tanya drew back her other fist and smashed Raven in the jaw she spun 180 on her back breathless. Tanya lept up and grabbed the boxer by his hair standing above him calmly she said 'Your cock must be just ready to blow huh?' she crouched down grabbed his now huge cock and let the tip of it rub gently on the lips of her pussy, 'Wanna cum in?' she asked. The boxer nodded. 'Hmmmm... access denied boxer boy' and with that Tanya let go of his cock and punched him hard sending him in a 360 spin with his cock spewing white cum like a firework trail.

Two of the gaurds climbed into the ring to get Tanya she stood up and slammed both her fists against both men stunning them, she pushed them against the ring ropes as quick as lightening she crouched lifted both Ravens legs and when the men bounced back off the ropes both their cocks met the sharp end of Ravens stiletto boots 'Argghhh..' the men yelled, 'suffer boys suffer' Tanya said coldly Tanya gripped their balls and squeezed them a little their spunk shot off like champagne corks as they keeled over.

The last three gaurds came at Tanya all at once she jabbed the first one twice stunning him and shoved him into his two comrades they fell into each other their cock knocking off each other that amused Tanya and gave her an idea. As the men found their barings they stood in a line their hard ons standing out Tanya dropped to her knees drew back her left fist, 'Meet my left hook boys it makes'em cum everytime'. 'No pleaseeee...' yelled the first guard. Too late Tanya struck him hard, fast moving down the line the second gaurd said 'What the...' WHACK Tanyas fist connected. Finally the third guard 'I don't wanna...' BANG it was one clean sweep with her left hook against three mens pride they stood silent... Tanya stood up once again putting her gloves on her hips... she blew them a kiss... all at once three fountains of cum shot up from each mens cock they dropped to their knees and fell on top of each other.

Tanya looked around the cum slickend ring and put her boot on top of the defeated hunks putting her arms in the air she yelled 'Winner'.

Raven groaned rubbing her pussy, dazed she looked around... 'My men?!!', 'Cum and gone bitch' Tanya said as she picked up the strap on cock. Standing over Raven, Tanya said 'We've got unfinished business'.


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